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What is DogeDrinks

About Us

DogeDrinks is a crypto-backed brand of premium functional Soft drinks built for modern lifestyle based on organic and super food ingredients. DogeDrinks core values are supporting the healthy lifestyle and achieving better health through functional drinks.

DogeDrinks is a reflection token and soft drink at the same time. Every buy gives members more with maximum reflection rewards system in place. We want to build a strong community, distribute our drink to be sold and grow our brand in the crypto and real world.

power of Blockchain


Our goal is to bring more people into this exciting new world of crypto-currencies by creating tangible products that people can interact with on a daily basis by utilizing block chain technology. The true value of any crypto asset lies in how much it strengthens our connection to the real world.


Global Community


Until now, the ability to invest into drink industry has been limited to a small number of wealthy individuals. The minimum investment requirement in a conventional soft drink company starts at $1,000,000 but we believe beautiful things in life should be owned by more than just a few rich people.
What you get


Our token holders will directly benefit from the profits generated through various income streams.

Profits from sales will be distributed to token holders via reward programs in the form of DogeDrinks tokens.


Profits from Merchandise store will be distributed to token holders via reward programs in the form of DogeDrinks tokens.

Profits from NFTs will be distributed to token holders via reward programs in the form of DogeDrinks tokens.

Drinking water to unprivileged


The DogeDrinks community will make a serious contribution, through regular donations, to provide clean drinking water to under privileged. The community will vote and decide as to which charities the donations will be made.

Elixirs for modern age

Our Products

DogeDrinks are beverages with health benefits beyond their nutritional value, positively affecting one or more target functions in the body or in the mind to achieve an improved state of health and well-being.

Each can contains prebiotics, adaptogenic herbs, and nutrient-rich super foods to keep you feeling nourished. The drinks help you feel calm cool collected despite the stressful world around.

Doge Energy

Doge Energy is a delicious plant-based healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. We never use anything artificial, our energy comes purely from plants and super fruits

Doge Relax

Doge Relax is designed with relaxation in mind. An enhanced beverage with plants and super food ingredients to help promote relaxation.

Doge Sleep

Doge Sleep relaxes the mind, preparing the brain to transition smoothly from being awake to sleep.

Doge Focus

Doge Focus contains a unique combination of herbs, fruits and plants helping to activate your brain towards better focus.


Road Map

Our Road Map to being a billion dollar company and a top 100 crypto project is clearly defined into the following four phases.

Safety Features

Token Features

Reflection reward

Maximum frictionless reflection reward of the DOGEDRINKS tokens directly to the holders wallets on every buy and every sell keeps rewarding the long term holders with more and more DOGEDRINKS tokens.


The initial liquidity will be locked in with Dx Lock for at least 12 months.

Anti whale system

An interesting feature is the one that is used to discourage selling and whaling, is that the commission is higher on sales with higher reflections, so holders will be rewarded more. This function also discourages trading bots.

Token Economics

Token Distribution

Private Sale
  • 26,000,000 2.60%
  • 130,000,000 13.00%
  • 110,500,000 11.05%
Burn Wallet
  • 500,100,000 50.01%
Product Development
  • 100,000,000 10.00%
Marketing & Listings
  • 50,000,000 5.00%
Pre-Sale Fee
  • 33,400,000 3.34%
Total Supply
  • 1,000,000,000 100%

Distribution Chart

Token Mechanics

Tax System

  • Buy Tax 12%
  • Reflection reward to holders 12%
  • Sell Tax 18%
  • Reflection reward to holders 18%
Fund Raise

Private Sale & Pre-Sale

  • Amount Raised by Private Sale 40 BNB
  • DOGEDRINKS Tokens Per BNB 650,000
  • Pre-Sale Soft Cap: 125 BNB Pre-Sale Hard Cap: 250 BNB
  • DOGEDRINKS Tokens Per BNB 520,000
Meet The Team

Executive team

The DogeDrinks Team combines a passion for healthy lifestyle, active sports, drinks industry expertise and proven record in finance, product development, logistics marketing and product licensing.

Rodolfo Ortega

Rodolfo’s expertise is in international business and logistics. Rodolfo has worked for major multinational companies in the technological sector, jaibil, plexus, flextronics. Rodolfo has been in charge of business development with products that include Tesla, Electrolux, Medtronic, ITW among others. Rodolfo Rodolfo’s strength is in logistics chains of high complexity making companies be competitive at this extreme level. Rodolfo was the original creator of the idea to develop DogeDrinks.


Martín is our Chief Financial Officer and is from Europe. Martín has also been advisor for multinational brands specialized in the alcohol and energy drinks sector. Martín has a background is in finance and his core strength is designing and executing marketing campaigns. Martín is a bio hacking geek, who developed the initial product design idea along with Rodolfo. Martín is a researcher of health and bio-hacking.


Marcos is the Chief Sales Officer DogeDrinks. Marcos has more than a decade’s  experience in the alcoholic and soft drinks beverage industry in North America, mainly advising and developing products that would later hit the shelves of supermarkets and direct to consumer. The current projects that Marcos is advising have presence in places like Mexico, USA, Canadá, Australia, Middle East and Europe and sell in retail chains like Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Dan Murphys.


Alberto is our biochemist. Alberto has been working for over 30 years in the soft and alcoholic drink industry at the highest level advising over 30 companies where he resides in Mexico. Alberto has under his belt developed product for several major multinational companies. One of his highest profile work has been to co-develop formulas for Diageo in the past decade. Alberto is a biologist with a masters in chemistry and is our lead researcher and formula maestro.


Professionally, Sabrina worked for many years as head of the human resources department. Sabrina’s most recently role was in a clinic for paediatric and adolescent medicine in Baden-Württemberg. it was in this role that Sabrina acquired perfect basics in community leadership and motivating people. Sabrina lives with her family in a suburb of Munich in Germany.